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    ESCO - Omega – Winflex - Samiflex. Regal Beloit Australia is aligned with premier coupling manufactures from around the globe. We hold in stock an extensive range of ESCO couplings from Belgium, Winflex coupings from France, Omega couplings from the USA, Poona couplings from India, Westcar fluid couplings from Italy and Mayr couplings from Germany. These highly engineered couplings offer great flexibility in drive design and will meet even the harshest requirements that Australian conditions can present.

    Our Range

  • Gear Coupling
  • Rigid Couplings
  • High and Low Speed Couplings
  • Flexible Couplings
  • Grid Coupling
  • Failsafe Couplings
  • Backlash Free, Servo Zero Backlash Couplings
  • Torque Limiting Couplings
  • Flywheel Couplings
  • Fluid Couplings
  • Light or Heavy Duty Couplings
  • Spacer Couplings
  • Elastomeric Couplings
  • For a quote or further information about a specific model or brand please call us from anywhere within Australia on 1300 888 853 to speak to a technical sales person.