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    SRP Drive
    Unico's Sucker-Rod Pump Drive (SRP™) provides superior control of conventional, air-balanced, beam-balanced, phased-crank, Mark II, Reverse Mark, and Rotaflex artificial lifts. The drive integrates motor control, speed optimization, logic, pump fill control, and rod load control into a single, compact solution that increases production, improves energy efficiency, and enhances the reliability of both new and existing pumping systems.

    Features and Benefits

  • Real-time multiple constraint optimization
  • Pumping unit, rod string and downhole pump models
  • Rod, tubing, casing, pump fluid and reservoir models
  • Conventional, phased crank, beam balance and air balance, Mark II, Reverse Mark and Rotaflex geometries
  • Operates without rod load and position sensors
  • Pump flow monitor and production accumulator
  • Actual surface and pump dynamometer graph generators
  • Bridle separation monitor and minimum rod load control


    Unico SRP Drive

    Product Overview