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    LRP Systems
    LRP Linear, a revolutionary concept in sucker-rod artificial lift systems Variable-speed control, simple mechanics, and industry-leading control software in a compact, lightweight, unobtrusive solution with significant cost and performance advantages over traditional approaches.

    Features and Benefits

  • The LRP® pumping unit is a rack-and-pinion actuator that reciprocates a sucker rod pump via a forward and reverse direction
  • The LRP® mounts directly to the wellhead as the polished rod runs through a channel inside the rack and is suspended from the top by a conventional rod clamp.
  • The LRP® unit is small, lightweight and easy to transport saving on installation costs.
  • The low-inertia design of the LRP® system permits better control of the rod string, resonance damping, fast response to charging condition and more precise speed control.
  • The LRP® system is the ideal choice for environmentally sensitive installations. It is quiet, unobtrusive, and does not require site grading, mounting pads or other well site disruptions.
  • The LRP® system incorporates Unico’s SRP sucker rod pump control software to optimize production while protecting the pumping system.


    Unico LRP Drive

    Product Overview