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    Square Worm
    Marathon square worm gearboxes are multi direction mounting with sizes Q30 to Q85, manufactured from a single piece die cast aluminium housing which is specially vacuum impregnated to ensure superior sealing and surface protection. Size Q11 and Q13 are grey cast iron.

    Units Q30 to Q85 are supplied with synthetic oil, providing "long life" lubrication. Q11 and Q13 are supplied with mineral oil and equipped with a breather, level and drain plugs.

    Features and Benefits

  • 9 Sizes
  • 0.09 to 15kW
  • Ratios 5 to 4800:1
  • Standard IEC electric motor fitment B5 or B14
  • Worm & helical worm combination units
  • Single piece alloy steel input
  • Shaft and worm shaft
  • Oversized bearings
  • High temp nitrile® seals
  • General purpose medium and fractional power drives
  • SQ Worm

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