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  • Helical Bevel

    Our Marathon range of helical bevel gearboxes are manufactured from either a single piece aluminium die cast housing or grey cast iron depending on size to ensure high tensile strength. All Marathon Gearboxes utilise standard IEC electric motor input flanges in either B5 or B14.

    Every Marathon Gearbox in the helical bevel range offer a wide range of options in gearing ratios, output shaft configuration, output flange options, torque arms for shaft mounted applications along with output shaft shrink discs.

    Available in two, three or four stage reductions, kW power range between 0.09 to 45kW and torque up to 4600Nm.

    All helical bevel gearboxes are designed utilising hardened and ground gears throughout the range to ensure quiet operation and precise operation. Gear housings are manufactured in either single piece diecast aluminium or cast iron and are supplied with standard IEC motor fitment ensuring easy and efficient changing of electric motors.

    Helical Bevel Aluminium Helical Bevel Cast Iron