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  • Pump Drives

    Durst new modular pump drives run cooler, last longer and are quick and easy to service. They're built tough to provide outstanding performance.

    Our patented pump pad design keeps oil constantly flowing through the bearing and provides for wet spline operation, even at startup. All Durst pump drives incorporate class 10 spur gears that run on heavy-duty ball bearings. They also feature an internal spline, which, with a spline adaptor, are compatible with any SAE pump shaft and offer quieter operation.

    Backed by our responsive engineering team whom can quickly modify our modular designs to fit a wide range of custom applications. Back that with quick turnaround times and you have a superior pump drive solution.

    Single Pump Two Pump Three Pump Three Pump Inline
    Four Pump Four Pump Inline Five Pump Eight Pump
    Pump Pads

    Durst pump pads do not contain bearing cups. The advantage of this approach is that pump pads can be removed without disrupting the internal workings and alignment of the bearings and gears inside the gearbox.

    Durst pump drives have a 29T-12/24 internal spline on the gears, allowing a spline adapter to be used on any SAE pump shaft. Since the pump shaft mating spline is not integral to the output gear, the mating pump shaft spline adapter can be replaced without the need to remove or replace the output gear. Plus the 29T-12/24 spline significantly reduces wear on both gears and spline adapters.
    Input Shaft

    The Durst pump drive input shaft engages the input gear through a 29T-12/24 spline. The input shaft is retained within the gearbox and allows the drive plate or torsional coupling hub to ride free on the input shaft, reducing misalignment stresses from the engine flywheel and the gearbox. It can be removed or replaced without disturbing the internal workings of the gearbox.
    Drive Plates

    Durst pump drives now use a four-disk drive plate. By using four thin disks, the drive plate becomes slightly wider and increases the rating. Thin disks are much more flexible. When put together, multiple disks absorb more engine vibrations than a single thick disk. The drive plate is no longer captured on the input shaft; instead, it is able to automatically adjust if any engine flywheel misalignment occurs, resulting in smoother operation and longer gearbox life.
    Oil Circulation

    Durst pump drives feature special oil port locations and oil directing ribs that cause the oil to flow into the pump pad area, lubricating the spline adapters and bearings without the need for external pumps. Oil flows into the pump pad area, and then our patented cast-in recesses causes the oil to flow across the spline for wet spline operation.
    Heavy Duty Ball Bearings

    The heavy-duty ball bearings placed directly in the housing halves don’t require shimming, which drastically simplifies assembly. Any adapter can be easily attached without disturbing the gears or bearings in the gearbox. The gearbox can easily be split for servicing without removing the adapters.